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I came in today after being away for over 10 years!  Dr. T is still by far the best chiropractor in the

greater Burlington area - and I saw several others!  We just picked up where we left off and I feel great :)

Jack L., Georgia, VT


Dr. T- you are by far the best Chiropractor in the area!  Thanks so much for all your help!

Mary C.  Milton, VT


Thank you Dr. Francine for recommending the exercise ball for my lower back pain---the pain is gone!

Jase, St. Albans, VT


Dear Dr T- thank you so much for my latest adjustment--I feel great!  I love your heart, you are such a fun, loving and giving person!

Cathy W.  Westford, VT


I had a distracting, mind muddling headache for 3 days, the only thing that brought relief was laying down and specifically positioning my head with a towel rolled up under my neck, the rest of the time I was in considerable discomfort. I was driving into work and saw the sign for Milton Chiropractic Center and Therapeutic Massage, I pulled in and asked if I could get a neck and shoulder massage. They asked "When" I said "Now", they said well we have an open 15 minutes, by the time I left my headache was gone and stayed gone for over a week (I work LONG hours on a computer and am in the midst's of some major home renovation projects). I made an appointment for an hour long massage and it was so painful, but the next day I could move so much better it was amazing...The Massage Therapist (do not call her a masseuse) made some recommendations for stretches and exercises and also recommended an adjustment...It took me some time to warm up to the idea of an "adjustment" but when I did it was also amazing. The increased range of motion was enough but I also found considerably less pain in my hip which allows me to do more and I can once again sleep on my side!!! I additionally like the fact that Dr. T schedules appointments as she feels you need them, I saw her once a week for 2 weeks, then we jumped to 1 appointment in 2 weeks, then 1 appointment in a month. She has supplements, orthotics and special pillows, but doesn't push any products.... Thanks Rugby and Dr T.     Linda Shiffler, Milton, VT


I can't believe that I saw 3 other chiropractors and ONLY Dr. T. got rid of my ongoing migraine headaches...

what a miracle :)   John T., Milton

After throwing out my back while moving boxes I had physical therapy for my lower back for a few
 months, but the pain and discomfort remained.  One visit to Dr. T made me feel more flexibility and
strength than I had experienced in the previous few months combined.   Her holistic approach
combined with the spinal manipulations will improve your overall health in a fundamental way. 
 Ongoing care will keep you in top shape for life.     Nancy F.
Back in late August early Sept, I came in to see Dr T. with severe lower back pain. I could barely stand straight I was unable
to sit for more then 20 mins without my back & buttock having muscle spasms, the pain that was going into my left leg was
horrible.  After Dr T examined me, she told me that my SI joint and my L4/L5 were not where they should be. Dr. T started
with very gentle adjustments. I remember leaving her office that day feeling like a new woman, I was able to stand straight
and walk with less pain. After a short time of needing 3 times a week adjustments, Dr T. suggested that we try the
ultra sound to try to get the muscles to release the tension so the adjustments were able stay in place. When the
adjustments and ultrasound, and the PT I was doing wasn't allowing the pain to go away for more then 2 days at a time,
Dr T and I discussed other options.  I ended up having a MRI done. The MRI showed that I had a herniated disk
compressing the nerve between my L4/L5.  I ended up in PT again with more specific exercises to try to get the disk to
move, as well as taking steroids. The Dr who I was seeing at the time wanted me to do injections along with the PT
(he was not the back specialist). I kept telling him no as I was not comfortable with this and discussed my feelings
with Dr. T. Dr. T told me that I needed to be the one comfortable with my treatment. She told me that if I was not
comfortable about what this Dr was telling me then I have the right to request a second opinion. I can not tell you
how glad I am that I talked with Dr. T! I requested to see the back specialist for a second opinion. I ended up
having a L4/L5 discectomy 4 days after seeing the specialist. The specialist told me that the chiropractic care
that I was receiving in the months prior to my surgery most likely helped me from having permanent
nerve damage in my leg.  Dr. T is not only is funny and kind, she takes the time with her patients. Dr. T really cares
about the health of her patients!  Dr. T isn't going to have you return again and again for adjustments if you are not
feeling relief.  Dr. T will work with you to find the right path of treatment for you.  Oh and did I mention that I have not
had a migraine since I started seeing Dr T!
I recommend that if you are reserved about seeing a chiropractor that you go and see Dr. T, sit and talk with her.
You will walk away feeling like a entire new person!
My Aunt Fran is my favorite relative because she is really funny, she tickles me a lot, and she gives really good 
bone massages.  The first reason my Aunt Fran is my favorite relative is because she is funny and she tells funny
jokes that make me laugh.  The second reason my Aunt Fran is my favorite relative is because she tickles me a
lot- she is the best tickler ever, and she makes me laugh.  The third reason my Aunt Fran is my favorite relative is
because she gives awesome “bones massages”.  I really need a bone massage right now. So if you ever see her
at my house, just come over. I love her.  From Nephew Alex- age 10
First of all, let me thank you for the treatment that has resulted in all these weeks of NO more HEADACHES! For years,
I went to every conceivable doctor- from family doctor to neurosurgeon, to try to rid myself of these headaches. Never
did I think to try a chiropractor until a friend of mine was telling me about the amazing results that his wife got.
I gave you and chiropractic a try and I have been headache free now for quite some time. I am truly greatful
to you Dr. T and I have my life back!
LTP, Colchester, VT
I suffered from lower back and upper back back hurt so bad that I was bent over and walking was
painful! Dr. T fixed my back and in 2 weeks I was pain-free so that I could return to bowling 2x/wk., hunting
and fishing. My recommendation- if it hurts go to a chiropractor and you will feel better and better and better!
Barry J. Habecker, Milton, VT
Thanks so much! You are a super “DR.” who knows her stuff. I can walk 'cause of you! Cinda Berard, Milton, VT
"This is an ode to Dr. Fran who helped me with her skillful hands. I came to her to ease the pain caused by years
and years of strain. She pushed, she pulled, my bones went crack, and helped relieve my aching back. My husband,
he was getting stooped, with shoulders that began to droop; she pushed and she pulled, she gave her all, and
now he stands both straight and tall.  We'd like to recommend the cure, there's no need why you must endure
the pain and aches of muscles strained. When she can help relieve your pain. So come and walk on through her door,
and you will no longer sore."   M & M, St. Albans, VT
"Thank you for making me feel so much better...wished I had gone to you years ago".
Betty N. Milton
"Since I have been going to my chiropractor, Dr. Tougas, I feel 100% better! I feel great, thanks to Dr. T."
Sue H. Swanton, VT
"I was really unsure about going to a chiropractor, because I have heard some good things, but also
some not so good, but a couple of ladies I work with raved about Dr. Tougas, so I thought I would
give her a try. My 1st appointment, I was nervous about going, but all of the people in the office
made me feel right at home! Barb was friendly and helpful, and Dr. Tougas was very outgoing and fun.
She asked a lot of questions, and gave me a lot of information, so I felt comfortable with what she
was doing. I can't begin to tell you how much better I have felt since going there. Rugby will give
me a massage to loosen me up and then Dr. Tougas does her magic, it's wonderful! I have
less headaches, tension and less back
 problems.I go about once a month now and look forward to it so much!
I HIGHLY recommend Milton Chiropractic to everyone!"
Brigit F.
Grand Isle, Vermont
"We moved to Milton and I noticed Milton Chiropractic and I went in to meet the staff and ask a few
 questions. I fell down a flight of stairs a few years ago and ignored it. Over time, my back started
 bothering me. After a single visit to Milton Chiropractic, I immediately saw huge improvement in
 my posture. I didn’t even realize I was favoring one side.  Over time my shoulder had rolled
 forward and pulled my spine out of whack. Now I don’t go more than a month without an adjustment."
Shannon Hiltner, Milton
"I hate to admit it, but Dr. T has done wonders on getting my back in shape. I wouldn't
have believed she could turn things around so quickly, but she is good."
Michael Fagan, Milton, VT
Dr. T is just the best!
E.M., Milton, VT
“I moved here a year ago and dreaded replacing my favorite chiropractor, then I met
 Dr. T.   What a relief to find someone so competent, intuitive, compassionate, honest, etc.”
Sue, Georgia, VT
The best adjuster in the area!
S.C., Colchester, VT


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